In this world, everything has its boundary, and all things are interacted and mixed with each during contact.

Some boundaries cannot be crossed, however some need to be challenged.

Different people hold different understandings of the "boundary":

Geometricians say, the boundary is a line. It delineates the scope and defines the difference.

Historians say, the boundary is the length. It makes the history own the time, gives the reason for the time, and makes the life could be traced back.

Geologists say, the boundary is the domain. It puts countries own their territory, lets human beings have their space, makes the world have its limitation.

Artists say, the boundary is a kind of spirit. It makes all things have their traits and hence, everything different.

Pioneers say, the boundary is a decision. Once you were beginning, the world changes.

World champions say, the boundary is the limit of self. It gives human beings the goal, the courage and the motivation for a breakthrough.

Time travelers say, the boundary is the moments. It causes the joints of the past and the future, which consist of life, then every second is so valuable.

We all say: "Heart goes beyond!"

Then, there are more and more trailblazers in the world.

As a result, the process of human civilization is speeding.

Thus, the life which we own limited and bounded, now reformed into eternity with infinite implication and unlimited inheritance.

Then, everything on earth are interacted with each sparking the lights which was extraordinarily excitingly for us.

Cross the boundary,

Give a way, rather than stick into;

Taste, rather than give a definition;

Work miracles, rather than make formality.

Jingfang Hao
Liankui Gao
Tao Duan
Sheng Lei
Mengfan Zhang
Bruce Peng
Tony Chou 周托尼
Nariya NOGI
Qingshun Huo
Guohui Han
Jingjing Cai
Kevin Huang
Yang Du
Hugo Montanari
Shitou Yang
Brooks Pan
Bingshu Zhong
Yanlong Ge
Jenny Guo
Liangjie Li
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